Are You Working Remote? Why Not Move to the Mountains?

Are You Working Remote? Why Not Move to the Mountains?COVID-19 introduced some unexpected nuances into our lives, beyond all the handwashing, mask-wearing, and quarantining. One of the major trends resulting from the pandemic has been a shift to working remotely—and it appears to be permanent…and desirable. A study by GoodHire reports that 61 percent of survey respondents would be willing to take a pay cut to maintain remote working status. As of October 2021, people who work at home or telework is still nearly 12 percent of the employed workforce.

Many Denverites live in the Metro area to be close to outdoor recreation: skiing, hiking, mountain biking—everything our great state has to offer. The interest in remote working has spurred strong demand for second-home or “co-primary home” purchases, through which suburban homeowners and city dwellers can experience the splendor of the mountains on a regular basis.

With remote working becoming a viable option for more and more people, many realize they can live just about anywhere and still get their jobs done. They are spending more time “living” at their vacation getaway, as opposed to staying for a brief visit. They are leading the ideal lifestyle, all while staying gainfully employed. Does this idea of a change of pace entice you?

Let The Steller Group’s area experts help you explore your options in Summit County. Whether you’re considering a permanent move, purchasing a second home, or looking for a short-term rental property that you could also enjoy using throughout the year, we can help. Please call us at 720.593.9355 or chat with us at to discover the possibilities!

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