Denver Metro Senior Living Options

It seems like everywhere you go, you see a new senior community being built. Is there really that much of a need for multi-family senior housing? The short answer is: yes. Ten thousand Americans are turning 65 every day, which is creating a great demand for senior living options. The good news is that developers are catering to the active baby boomer population with a variety of 55+ communities to choose from.

 If you are looking for a continuing care community that has all the bells and whistles, then Wind Crest is the place for you. Located in southwest Littleton, Wind Crest has three distinct neighborhoods interconnected with enclosed walkways. Full of enrichment activities, concerts, and an array of restaurants and recreation centers, Wind Crest offers something for everyone.

If you aren’t quite ready for a continuing care community, then you might want to consider an active lifestyle community like Vita, located in downtown Littleton. This type of community offers independent living without having to pay for a meal plan or long-term care. The building offers several common spaces for recreation, hobbies, and community events such as gardening, dog grooming, and crafting.

My final recommendation for someone looking for senior housing with the benefits of ownership is to consider Village Cooperative. Common in the Midwest, these communities offer equity interest and decision-making in upkeep and building-wide activities. There are currently Village Cooperatives in Centennial and Lakewood, with two future metro area locations slated to open in the next few years.

I am honestly amazed by the variety and quality of senior living options in the Denver Metro area. If you want to know more about what is out there, we invite you to attend one of our upcoming seminars that will focus on Senior Living Options. Visit or call 720.593.9355 for more details.

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