It’s All About Timing! 5 Market-Driven Reasons to Start Planning That Senior Move Now.

Coming into vacation season may seem like a hard time to start planning a move from that big house you’re in—but experts at The Steller Group say that this is the moment to begin mentally preparing for that major transition. And even if you don’t move for a few more years, there are five things the market is telling you now that argue for getting educated about it... starting with choices about where you’re going to go after you sell.Why Seniors Should Start Planning a Move Now

1. Find your landing spot now.

Not knowing where you’re going is a big reason why people put off selling a house that no longer works for them,” says Conrad Steller, Broker/ Owner of The Steller Group, including a Senior Solutions Division, real estate agents devoted entirely to senior moves. “The truth is, we’re now seeing more options of communities that offer low-maintenance lifestyles,” Steller says. “A few years ago there were very few available, but now the market has choices all over the metro area, in a range of prices.”

Learning those options is the topic of one of three senior seminars Steller offers. “We’ll show you the new communities and prices, as well as how the resale market looks today for finding a lower maintenance, single-level home,” Steller adds.

2. Decluttering takes time.

“Even if you don’t put your house on the market for years, now’s the time to start getting rid of stuff you don’t need,” says Broker Blair Bryant, who has helped countless sellers through senior moves. “When I visit sellers’ homes, everyone has a dining room set, a buffet, a grandfather clock, and a piano. But younger families typically don’t want those items, and your kids won’t be willing to take as much stuff as you think.” One of Steller’s seminars is all about decluttering, including ways that Steller agents help their sellers tackle that daunting job.

3. Take advantage of tax law.

“Your house probably doubled in value over the past decade, and you need to understand how capital gains taxes work, to prepare for a successful sale, and to make sure you have your estate structured properly,” says Conrad Steller. One seminar titled “Selling Strong” guides homeowners on how to reduce capital gains taxes by knowing what is permissible to exempt through capital improvements. Capital gains are taxed at 20%—but capital improvements you’ve made can lessen the hit.

4. Be proactive.

Steller agents can all tell you from experience about the danger of waiting too long to make a senior move. “It’s all about being in control of when and where you’re going,” says Steller’s Bryant. “If something happens in the meantime, you could lose control, and have a far more difficult experience. If you come away thinking you might have made the move too early, you probably did it right.”

5. Pick an agent early that understands senior moves.

“Most agents don’t start work until the home goes to market,” says Conrad Steller. “But you need one who helps you up front, guiding you through where you’ll go, how to declutter decades of stuff, and understand critical improvements to maximize the proceeds from the future sale of your home.”

In conclusion, while vacation season might seem like an inconvenient time to start planning a move, experts at The Steller Group emphasize that now is the ideal moment to begin mentally preparing for this major transition.

By finding your future landing spot, starting the decluttering process, understanding tax implications, being proactive, and choosing an agent experienced in senior moves, you can ensure a smoother, more controlled transition. The market offers more options than ever for low-maintenance lifestyles, and getting educated now will set you up for success in the years to come. Taking these steps today will make your future move less daunting and more manageable, allowing you to enjoy the next chapter of your life with confidence and peace of mind.

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