why list with us?

The Steller Group executes with precision, integrity, transparency and tenacity. They genuinely care about taking care of people. My family has had the pleasure of working with them to purchase and sell a home, and we owe them a debt of gratitude for helping change the course of our financial future. They are, hands down, the most reliable, caring, and compassionate group of professionals I’ve worked with in any industry—EVER!
– James L.

We do more to get your home sold. From our complimentary project management and home staging, to the comprehensive marketing system and dedication negotiations on your behalf, we do what it takes to make a successful and hassle-free sale for you.

what is your home worth?

When you request a home valuation from us, we will provide you a detailed evaluation of your property and the current market, which will include recent sold data, under contract, and active properties. We will provide tiered recommendations on pricing, which are tailored to the homeowner’s budget, timeline, and needs.

The Steller Group listing brokers detail your anticipated price if you:

  1. Sell your home in “as-is” condition, maximizing your price point utilizing strategic staging and minimal, if any, improvements to the home.
  2. Make minor cosmetic improvements.
  3. Invest in significant improvements to maximize the final sale price.

You won’t find more comprehensive information anywhere else. Please fill out the form below to receive a Personalized Home Valuation.

prelisting preparation

Prior to listing a home, our main focus is to maximize opportunity for our clients and empower them to make their own decisions. Drawing from years of construction, remodeling and investing experience, our listing team makes recommendations for home improvements that will bring the highest possible return on investment. We offer:

  • Strategic Pricing
  • Project Management
  • Professional Home Staging
  • Specialized Service for Seniors
  • Comprehensive Support

The Steller Group’s certified home stager and professional project coordinator, Carolyn Brake, facilitates the implementation of the selected improvement projects. She is your liaison with contractors for bids, monitoring work and preparing the home.

strategic pricing

The Steller Group’s listing team specializes in guiding you through the difficult decisions and efforts that will achieve the maximum value from the sale of your home.
Historically, our recommended improvements bring a return on investment of two to three times the investment, and allow home sellers to capitalize on the profits available in the ever-changing real estate market.

complimentary home staging

Our aim is to revolutionize how homeowners approach their home sale. One way we help you achieve this is by providing FREE, professional home staging with our licensed certified home staging expert, Carolyn Brake.

Carolyn goes through your home with you room by room—each closet and cabinet and yes, even the garage and basement—to make sure that every piece of furniture is properly placed and accessories are color-coordinated. She incorporates a mastery of style and décor that creates an inviting ambiance in every room. Buyers connect on an emotional level, giving them the feeling that they are already home!

marketing strategy

When it comes to marketing homes, we feel that you can never be too thorough or specific. Highlighting the best qualities of a home and location convinces possible home buyers that the property, community, and even a particular neighborhood, is one in which they can establish their roots.

Marketing for your home is carefully crafted, using powerful language and then spread far and wide, online and in print.

Despite the growing preference of home buyers to search for properties online, it is important to have offline marketing tactics in play as well.

We utilize open houses, door-knocking, property brochures, and yard signs to help spread the word that a new home is on the market. It’s harder to measure the effectiveness of offline marketing, but with our proven track record, we have learned the value of word-of-mouth promotion.


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