Tamara Kracke

A positive, caring, and committed team member, she is an indispensable support for our clients throughout the contract-to-closing process.

Tamara Kracke is The Steller Group’s transaction manager. Tamara is originally from California and studied interior design and nursing at San Diego State University. Structured and task-focused, Tamara’s absolute passion is helping people. Her 20-plus years of customer and patient care experience, her genuine love for others, and her astute attention to detail make her the ideal administrator for the transaction process.

Tamara is responsible for ensuring seamless transactions for our buyers and sellers from the day a contract is signed to the closing table. She consistently communicates with all parties involved, proactively ensures deadlines are met, and addresses questions that arise. As a representative of The Steller Group’s values, Tamara’s goal is to provide outstanding customer service and care.